The grass remembers. It remembers you. It remembers me. And it remembers the animals that called the meadow home.

Created and Produced by Handbendi Brúðuleikhús (formally known as  Old Saw).

Time changes everything. In a post-human future, only the grass remembers the way things used to be. Meet the animals and insects that lived in the meadow, and see their stories come to life in this innovative puppetry show for children and their families. Told with inventive handcrafted puppets made from organic materials found in the meadow and original music by the outstanding singer/songwriter Paul Mosley.

Meadow is an original puppetry production for children 3+, created by Little Angel Theatre’s Associate Artist, Greta Clough. 

Meadow was recently awarded an award recognising puppetry excellence at the 35th Internal Festival Valusr in Łomza, Poland.

Trailer of Meadow

Meadow is the antithesis of the sort of children’s theatre that rushes towards its audience, singing, juggling, crying out for audience participation. Like a wild animal, it requires your gentle attention, unfolding its treasures shyly and quietly. …” 

Total Theatre

powerfully poignant …  the sense of an elegy for a lost or disappearing world

Total Theatre

A wonderful dreamlike performance…

Curious Mum

…as fine a piece of theatre as any 3-6 year old might be fortunate enough to see.

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