Mademoiselle Lychee

Mademoiselle Lychee

Mademoiselle Lychee is probably the smallest burlesque dancer in the world.

Watch as she embarks with the audience into a sensual and glamorous world of corset, feather, velvet and satin silk.  

She moves with seduction, sings with charm and performs with elegance – leaving you either horrified or laughing at the end of your unforgettable experience.  Come in and let her entertain you……

Mademoiselle Lychee can be presented in a cabaret format or as a peepbox show. The peepbox show first opened at Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes in 2013.

Mademoiselle Lychee Trailer

Artistic Team

  • Creator: Aya Nakamura
  • Director: Paul Piris
  • Technical advisers: Mohsen Nouri and Rachael Ayres
  • Lighting Designer: Nao Nagai
  • Set Builder: Jonny Quick
  • Booth Maker: Nao Nagai
  • Photo/Video: Monika Kita & Matt Jackson

With a special thanks to Maya Levy, Alexander Winfield and Susan Harrison.