Duvet Day

Duvet Day

a sensory theatre experience for babies 

We’re staying in bed all day. So put on your snuggliest pyjamas, grab your favourite toy, and crawl inside the blanket fort to play – it’s duvet day!

Duvet Day is a new theatre experience for babies 0-18 months. Full of fun puppets, interactive games, and gentle storytelling, it is an ideal introduction to the joys of theatre and group play. There’s also plenty of time to take a deep breath and snuggle up with your little one, letting imagination bring you to the cooling shade of the forest, experience life on a cloud, and discover who lives under the sea.

Created and Produced by Handbendi Brúðuleikhús (formally known as Old Saw). Concept, design and puppets by Greta Clough
Music by Paul Mosely
Devised by Greta Clough and Aya Nakamura

A drawing of her experience of Duvet Day by Jum