Digital Flight Paths

Digital Flight Paths

Two blind women take centre stage, sometimes on aerial silks, sometimes with their feet firmly on the ground, but always surrounded by voices, music, stories and ghosts.

Aya is here performing as the voice of Také, the guide to this digital interactive online experience. 

Digital Flight Paths is a digital adaptation of the stage production Flight Paths by Extant, combining animation, aerial movement and creative audio description.

Inspired by the Goze, blind female performers who travelled around medieval Japan making a living from telling epic tales, the characters move between tradition and modernity weaving together personal stories of blind artists from Japan, Nigeria and the USA.

Through interactive navigation by the Goze, viewers will journey through a unique, multi-sensory experience of Japanese cultural history and storytelling.

Click here to dive into the world.

Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter certainly set a high precedent but Nakamura’s narration is maybe equally calming and nostalgic. 

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Cast Members

  • Artistic Director, Extant: Maria Oshodi
  • Producer & Editor: Nic Sandiland
  • Project Manager, Extant: Rhianne Rowson
  • Animator: Dave Packer
  • Web Consultant & Designer: Tim Jukes
  • Digital Distribution Associate, The Space: Holly Close
  • Marketing Assistant, Extant: Amelia Zhou
  • Illustrator: Inko Ai Takita
  • Translator: Tomoko Komura
  • Voice Performance: Aya Nakamura