(in)Animate Objects Talk

(in)Animate Objects Talk

28 Jan 2020 at 6:30GMT

Aya will giving a talk on my personal journey as a theatre maker and puppeteer, hosted by The Japan Foundation, London. There is a sharing my recent work ‘The Spider’s Thread’ and a discussion about it with its composer Verity Lane, including how we are continuing to adapt our practice for online audiences.

Follow the link here for more information and ticket


Pop-Up Palladium

Pop-up Palladium
18 Sept ’20

Aya will be performing with her humanette stripetease show Mademoiselle Lychee during Pop-up Palladium, a virtual puppet cabaret night on 18th September 2020!

More information on Pop-up Palladium can be found here.


Flight Paths

Digital Flight Paths

Aya is here performing as the voice of Také, the guide to this digital interactive online experience.

Digital Flight Paths is a digital adaptation of the stage production Flight Paths by Extant, combining animation, aerial movement and creative audio description.

Inspired by the Goze, blind female performers who travelled around medieval Japan making a living from telling epic tales, the characters move between tradition and modernity weaving together personal stories of blind artists from Japan, Nigeria and the USA.

Through interactive navigation by the Goze, viewers will journey through a unique, multi-sensory experience of Japanese cultural history and storytelling.

Click here to dive into the world.

Flight Paths (2020) team:

Artistic Director, Extant: Maria Oshodi
Producer & Editor: Nic Sandiland
Project Manager (Digital Flight Paths), Extant: Rhianne Rowson
Animator: Dave Packer
Web Consultant & Designer: Tim Jukes
Digital Distribution Associate, The Space: Holly Close
Marketing Assistant (Digital Flight Paths), Extant: Amelia Zhou
Illustrator: Inko Ai Takita
Translator: Tomoko Komura
Voice Performance: Aya Nakamura

Flight Paths (2019) cast and creatives:

Co-directors: Maria Oshodi & Kumiko Mendl
Writer: Glen Neath
Cast: Amelia Cavallo & Sarah Houbolt with Takashi Kikuchi & Victoria Oruwari and Meg Kubota as ‘The Voice’
Aerial & Movement: Vicki Amedume
Sound: Thor McIntyre-Burnie
Audio Technologist: Tarim
Designer: Becky Minto
Projections: Terry Braun
Lighting: Nao Nagai
Assistant Director: Julie Osman
Production Manager: Stacey Choudbury-Potter
Stage Manager: Beatrice Galloway
AV programmer: Libby Ward
Lighting Operator: Steve Lowe


Empty Theatre

Our Empty Theatre

Aya has been asked to participate in the ‘Our Empty Theatres Project‘ by photographer Helen Murray. 

Helen went to 22 theatres from London, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool to capture theatres without their staff, crews, performers and shows.

Various theatre workers gave their answers to a simple question; “What do our empty theatres mean to you?”.




The video of TIGHTROPE is now available. Aya has worked on few videos for Paul Mosley’s ‘Music For Puppet’.


Imagination Hub Workshop

Imagination Hub Workshop

Aya is running online workshops for Institute Of Imagination in conjunction with Oily Cart.

These workshops are a part of Inclusive Virtual Imagination Hub: Sensory Play, designed for children and young people aged 5-18 years old that have special educational needs, profound or multiple learning disabilities, autism and/or who are neurodivergent.

Aya is sharing how to make a DIY Lava Lamp with things that you can find in the kitchen and ideas on how to play with shadows.


HIP Festival in Iceland

Hvammstangi International Puppetry Festival, Iceland
9 – 11 Oct 2020

Aya will be performing in Meadow by Handbendi Brúðuleikhús as well as with her humanette cabaret show Mademoiselle Lychee during Hvammstangi International Puppetry Festival in Iceland between 9 – 11 October 2020

More information on Hvammstangi International Puppetry Festival (HIP Festival) can be found here.